1 ESO Classification of algae

Algae can be classified on the basis of a number of characteristics such as the colour therefore we can sort out: Brown , red and green algae

Brown algae with fucoxanthin a brown yelllowish  pigment, are marine, e.g sargassum

Sargassum seaweed, this seaweed leves near the seabed (benthic)

Red algae live deep under water. The reason they are red is because the red pigment helps them absorb sunlight from deep in the ocean. Coralline algae secrete calcium carbonate and build coral reefs.

Green algae include either unicellular or multicellular whith a green pigment (chorophyll). They are distributed worldwide in the sea. Unicellular green algae are present in the phytoplankton. Algae that thrive in polluted water can overmultiply and produce algal bloom unbalacing the ecosystem.

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