1 ESO How do we classify living things?

Living things are classified according to a hierarchial system based on categories or taxa.

This system of naming a species whith to names, is called binomial nomenclature.

lets see how to classify the European hare, the American bison or the African buffalo


Domain Eukarya
Kingdom Animal
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammal
Order Lagomorpha Order Artiodactyla
Family Leporidae Family Bovidae
Genus Lepus Genus Bison
Species Lepus europaeus (hare) Species Bison bison (bison) Species Bubalus bubalis (buffalo)

Species Bison bison (bison)

Large hump, small horns, America


Species Bubalus  bubalis (bufalo)


no humps, largre horns, Asia and Africa

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